Stock art acquired

Earlier in the week I got a promotional email from Fat Goblin Games which read…

Fat Goblin Games enjoys the charity work we do. It means a lot to us to be able to give back to those who need it and we appreciate our customers and fans allowing us the opportunity to do so. Yesterday, we found out that a friend in the industry is going through an extremely difficult time, as his daughter has just been diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia. This brave young lady has taken up arms and is ready to fight this cancer till she is healthy again. We want to help her do this.

The family is struggling right now with bills, work, and being there for not only their daughter – but their other children as well. If you ever had serious illness strike your family, you understand the immense stress of these situations. Fat Goblin Games will be running a $1 sale this weekend. All product are marked down to a $1 and all profits will be going to this family. Please help. Spread the word, tell others, and lets get a good donation together to help them. We know how awesome our customers are, and this time we need you to step up and help us make a difference.

In truth, I had been wanting some fantasy artwork and this seemed like a good cause, so I picked up a sizable portion of their catalog of stock art on sale.  Thank you Fat Goblin Games!  I hope you make a difference.


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