Beasts & Barbarians – A Savage Worlds Setting

I’ve now GMed a pair of sessions using GRAmel’s excellent Beasts & Barbarians setting.  I am planning on running the first two modules back to back and then possibly running a story arc with a different setting.

As far as how it has impacted my players, I cannot really see a huge difference in how the games are resolved except that combat plays out much more quickly (and with larger numbers involved) which in turn allows them to mix in more role-playing which is wonderful.  I am still quite green as a Savage Worlds GM and I am sure that we can make things even faster in future.

Unfortunately, this is going to create a crisis of sorts.  I like to have prepared battle maps and these modules are not very good about providing maps.  I think that I can get through the first two adventures without a problem, but I am already sort of stressing over it.  War of the Dead, which has excellent battle maps, might see some use as a secondary campaign whilst I prepare more Beasts & Barbarians materials.

I give Beasts & Barbarians and the first adventure, DEATH OF A TYRANT, very high marks for being true to the spirit of low-fantasy.  Adventure, women, and wine against a backdrop of strange creatures and dark magic!  The second adventure opens up with mass battles and hopefully comes off as well as the first is playing out.


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