rpg.works is a glorified digital soundboard for the ideas, thoughts, observations, art, and gaming materials of Tim Kilgore.  Chances are that you are here mostly for the gaming materials, and that is alright.  You will have no doubt noticed that much of the things here lean towards Dungeons & Dragon’s 5th edition and there will be no apologies for that.

Tim was DMing original edition D&D back in 1976.  He had started as a wargamer owning many of Avalon Hill’s titles, but by 1980 Panzerleader had been on the shelf for several years and fantasy roleplaying was soundly in the forefront.   College came and went, the US Army Infantry came and went and by 1989 his friends had scattered far enough apart and had young families and scarce little time for games.  He was done acting as a game master and soon picked up the role of BBS sysop – but that is a pre-internet story for another time.

A D&D sketch that pretty much summed it all all for me
A D&D sketch I made in 1980 that pretty much summed it all up for me

Tim eventually went to work for IBM and, while the job failed to last very long, he made new friends that poked and prodded and wheedled and  suggested that he could DM once again.  It took a few years for that suggestion to germinate and to grow to fruition, but it did eventually find purchase.

As a New Year’s resolution for 2016, Tim bought Fantasy Grounds with an ultimate license and started hosting a weekly game before the month of January was finished.  He made the jump from 1st edition AD&D to D&D 5e with nothing but 25 years of dead space in between.  There are still gaps in rules knowledge and an occasionally infirm grasp on one piece of new software or another, but the heart of it is story telling and weaving a yarn hasn’t much changed.

If I were a fighter...
If I were a fighter, perhaps I might look like this.